Calories in Vegetables

Calories in Vegetables

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Calories in Vegetables

Vegetables listed here are cooked (unless specified).

Vegetables are the key to a healthy life. They are rich in many micro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They should form the basis of any nutrition plan, and in particular are very helpful when aiming to lose weight.

Vegetable Calories and Macronutrients

Asparagusraw, 4 medium spears, 2oz11482.21.30.1
Beans, Kidneyboiled, 1/2 cup, 3oz10845119.47.20.4
Broccoli1 cup chopped, 3oz351465.62.40.3
Cabbage1 cup shredded, 5oz411729.82.10.1
Carrots1 cup chopped5221912.31.30.3
Cauliflower1 cup chopped, 3.5oz23954.11.80.4
Celery1 cup chopped, 3.5oz14583.60.70.2
Corn (kernels)1/2 cup kernels, 3.5oz8033618.42.61
Corn on cob 1 large ear, 5.5oz14058833.34.71.1
Cucumber1/2 cup slices (with skin), 2oz7281.30.30.1
Lentils1/2 cup boiled, 3.5oz11548019.98.90.4
Lettuce (iceberg) 1 cup shredded, 1.9oz8351.70.50.1
Mushrooms1/2 cup pieces, 2.5oz20833.81.40.4
Onion1/2 cup chopped, 3oz361508.60.80.1
Peas1/4 cup, 1.5oz361516.72.30.1
Peppers (bell or sweet) 1 cup sliced, 3.2oz18774.20.80.2
Potatoes1 potato, baked with skin, 7oz255106558.17.00.4
Pumpkin1/2 cup mashed, 4oz23955.60.80.1
Spinach1/2 cup, 3oz20823.22.60.3
Sweet potato 1 cup, baked, with skin, 7oz18075241.44.00.4
Tomato1 tomato, raw, 2.2oz11472.40.60.1

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Higher levels of fruit and vegetable intake correlate strongly with lower weight gain, and better outcomes on weight loss programs

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